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User Experience design (UX) and User Experience Research UXR are my specialties, and for the last 20-years I have spent my professional life focused on understanding people and how they interact with digital experiences. Throughout the years my design practice has crossed over into many industries, where I am not only able to capitalize on my visual and creative design skills, but apply my practical knowledge base of human factors and lead sophisticated UX efforts, end-to-end.


As a leader of full-scale creative projects involving multidisciplinary teams, my hands-on experience supports nearly every phase of the product/experience development life-cycle, including preliminary research, ideation, design, strategy, user-testing, QA and UAT testing, to final launch. 

My belief is that empathy is the heart of good design. Focused on aesthetics WITH functionality, my approach is backed by research, user stories, application of technical ability, and paired with thoughtful creative execution. Keeping creative and intellectual energy alive is critical, and I believe designers should remain insatiably curious if they expect to maintain their wares, invigorate their imaginations, and truly understand what defines product success. It's been said that, "Curiosity and rigor are the secret to creativity." And I couldn't agree more.

I'm currently employed full time as a senior-level UX professional for the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States. Prior to my design career, I enjoyed working as a stunt driver and racing coach (yes, race cars on actual race tracks), after racing in sports cars for over 15-years and winning three championships. Today, I still enjoy motorsports in my off-time, and can be found skiing on snowy mountains in the winter. Separate from my athleticism, I play electric rock guitar and bass, and produce music that is currently sold on Amazon and iTunes world wide, with broader popularity in Japan. 



  • Senior level designer—UX, UXR, strategy, web, mobile apps, sound design, and digital products

  • UX leadership experience within one of the world’s largest automotive companies

  • Campaign/marketing experience, designing high visibility content reaching a national audience

  • Managed large-scale creative projects for ecommerce, publishing, and automotive organizations




  • Develop near-term, mid-term, moonshot product vision and process

  • Manage creative workflow, lead ideation sessions and brainstorms

  • Manage user-centered design research, collaborate with designers, ethnographers and other researchers

  • Creative marketing experience, project planning and campaign execution

  • Expert-level creative skills, with specialization in UX, UI, and sound design (sonic UX)

  • Expert-level skills using Adobe CS Suite, InVision, Sketch, Figma, Reaper, Pro-Tools, Logic, and FL Studio

  • Practical coding knowledge using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL


University College for the Creative Arts
Masters of Arts | Graphic Communication | 2006 | Surrey, England, United Kingdom  

Arizona State University 
Post-Graduate Study, Masters of Science | Graphic Design, Human Factors | 2004 | Tempe, Arizona 

Sonoma State University 
Bachelors of Arts | Communication Studies - Media, Television Broadcasting | 2003 | Rohnert Park, California 

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