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Adidas / FIFA World Cup D&AD Campaign

For those in the know, the D&AD celebrates and nurtures outstanding work in design and advertising since 1962. Year on year the D&AD Annual showcases the very best work and continues to provide an unrivaled source of creative inspiration. During my studies in the UK, I participated in this renown competition and completed a student showcase featuring the Adidas brand and the FIFA World Cup.

The concept was rather revolutionary for its time—back in 2006 smartphone technology adoption was newly on the rise. I created a series of interactive advertisements for the streets of London. As a highly pedestrianized metropolis, ads seen on-foot are usually a very effective way of getting your message out to the general public. One of the hot-ticket locations is of course the London Underground and above-ground networks, where signage is plentiful. While you wait for the next train or bus, you could use your smart phone to retrieve data from a scan-enabled link on the print ads.

This interaction does a few things—first, it gathers information on where the person saw the ad (i.e., Waterloo station, Green Park, Wimbledon, etc.), and also offers a direct link to accessing exclusive FIFA World Cup information online. Access codes are given where users can sign in via the web, and enter contests, purchase merchandise, download pictures, and get the latest stats on teams and players.

Messaging was intended to be causal, yet direct; all well suited for the audience it was targeting. "Dream it.", "Believe it.", and "Win, it." was paired with relevant graphics to further the tone of the campaign.


* Campaign strategy

* UX and design process

* Graphic design

* Print design

* New media implementation


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