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Barfly Mobile App

BarFlyy’s goal and vision was to have the number one used nightlife application beginning in San Diego and expanding once a proven business model is established. The design mission was to give both Users and Bar Managers tools they need to experience and create the best nightlife possible. BarFlyy’s goal was targeted, but not limited to 600 bars on contract with a user base of over 10-15,000 in the first version beta.

UX / Creative Role: As a design consultant and hands on creative contracted with San Francisco design firm "ConvoSpark", I directed the refinement of existing user-flows, created complete wire-frames and established branding from the ground-up. Behind the scenes process involved careful review sessions and evaluation of feature set/s. My goal was to transform a somewhat cloudy concept into an easy to use, straightforward application. Taking into account how the IOS 7 platform behaves vs older IOS versions, the BarFlyy app interactivity was largely dependent on simple pagination "swipes" and "on-tap" activation gestures. "Share" and "Favorites" actions were easily accessible, while ensuring any other commonly accessed features were not buried unreasonably or inaccurately. Complete UI native files were organized specifically for the needs of development and production agents, labeled appropriately for dissection ease and to minimize confusion for any external vendors working with the files.

User Point of View: When the user has downloaded the application (much like StumbleUpon) the application will first ask for the users specific interest (Venues, Music, and Food) and then will be saved into a database where they will be able to add or delete interests later. Instead of giving a full list of random bars in their area the app will give them a full list of bars broken down into 4 different categories per their interest: 1) What’s Hot, 2) Events, 3) Favorites, 4) Barflyy Me. It is BarFlyy’s goal to introduce new and trending venues to not only locals but to increase tourism globally. The app will also provide a camera feature for adding each bar’s watermark to user photos taken through the native camera or stored in the user’s gallery and will provide the ability to share these photos with various social media sites.

Managers/Owners Point of View: It was BarFlyy's goal to help increase the total number of new and returning patrons to establishments by giving Managers the tools they need to review what other establishments are doing and plan accordingly. BarFlyy wants to give them the ability to have user friendly access to log into their mobile app and update: 1) Special food items and 2) Special drink items. BarFlyy wants to give them the ability to have user friendly access to log into their administrator web site and update: 1) Bar location information, 2) Bar event information, 3) Bar tender information, and 4) Ability to moderate user reviews.

Compatible Platform(s): The BarFlyy Application was designed and developed according to IOS 7 standards and compatibility.


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