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Blue Nile Case Study: Earrings Landing Page Experience UX POV

Landing pages are often deemed essential for many online retailers, even in the market of more luxurious products. Blue Nile offers both a custom product offering and spright-pull. This research project evaluated the existing landing page, assessing user perceptions, and assimilate recommendations to enhance this experience. Comparative analysis of competitors was essential. A prototype was created and tested to confirm findings.

Blue Nile

Rating: 6/8 users (per grouping) reviewed this page as unappealing and difficult to use. Those who had approving comments noted the information-based comparisons.

Visuals: Most users thought the images were too small and did not offer clarity as to what they were considering in terms of a purchase.

Perception: Most users interpreted the price strike-outs as something related to discounts and related this as Blue Nile to be a “bargain brand”.

Ease of Use: Half of users did not feel that this page helped them feel educated enough to make a purchase, while others thought it was informative but visually overwhelming.

Features: Most users thought that larger images were needed, along with better explanations and more interactive features to make a more positive product impression.

General: The design of the site overwhelmed nearly all users and did not inspire them to consider shopping the site.

Brilliant Earth

Rating: 8/8 Users (per grouping) reviewed this page as appealing and easy to use (directly to PLP).

Discovery: 7/8 users would recommend this site as it offered clarity toward the variety product offerings in this category.

Perception: Half of users perceived the page to correlate to a higher value brand.

Ease of Use: Most users appreciated the filtering process and clarity of visuals, that the copy was descriptive, and mostly easy to understand.

General: All users reported feeling inspired by this experience and were inclined to say they would either consider a purchase or refer to someone who is in the market for diamond earrings. Most navigated this site easily as it was a familiar shopping experience and less educational.

James Allen

Rating: 8/8 users (per grouping) enjoyed using this page and appeared enthralled with / entertained by the rotating imagery.

Ease of Use: Most users deemed the page very easy to use in terms of exploring sizing and correlated pricing, reporting an overall positive experience.

Discovery: Half of users explored and compared earth vs lab created diamonds and felt this was an interesting tool for the sake of comparison between the types.

Layout: The layout of this page afforded users to compare different diamond and setting styles that they had not known existed previously.

General Impression: The simplicity of the site was easy for all users, and equally rated the imagery/treatments as high-quality.

Blue Nile Prototype (Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds)

  • Revised layout to accommodate more clear and segmented flow of all earring types

  • Enhanced images / treatments to meet contemporary features/aesthetic

  • Clearer and cleaner display of pricing information

  • Ensured CTAs are distinct, as users are using this page as a jumping-off point

  • Defined best approach to display lab vs. earth created diamonds (presentation of sizes/shapes/price)

  • Designed a flow that best organizes the order of styles as they relate to lab/earth diamonds

  • Used interactive media; explored and designed sense of a visualizer/selector with dynamic views


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