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Delca Corporation

If you are a pet lover, then you might have heard of the up and coming brand,Think!Dog by Delca. The Delca Corporation had been struggling to keep up with quality content online for sometime; their web space was far too stagnant for customers and potential product retailers. The process behind this project started with evaluating current marketing needs and available content. The old site contained the basics, but lacked the contemporary flair and functionality expected if the company wanted to continue to compete with similar pet brands.

Moving away from basic static HTML to a complete client-side CMS was critical. The solution I provided them resulted in a very colorful, fun, and invigorating website. The CMS control panel allows Delca staff access to critical content areas without risk of "breaking" the site. Back-end features included a dynamic feed for news, testimonials and pet advice.

I also provided social media management through the winter season of 2014, offering engaging conversations and entertaining posts. The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fan-base progressed on a regular schedule, increasing follower counts to nearly 1,000 people combined.


* UX/UI process - sitemap, wire-frames, final design

* SEO optimization

* CMS customization

* MySQL database integration

* Social media maintenance, content creation

* HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript


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