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Ford Electric Vehicles Depot Charging Dashboard UX/UI

Part of the FordPro service offering, my work within the BEV team (Battery Electric Vehicles) focused on the Depot Charging service dashboard systems that allows fleet managers to plan transition to electric vehicles with Ford Pro hardware and software charging solutions at your depot, employees’ homes, and access to the largest public charging network coast to coast.

With depot, home, and public charging solutions enhanced with Ford Pro E-Telematics2, fleets of all sizes can stay charged. Paired with the hardware Ford offerings, Depot charging operations can be managed with a single account and integrate data with existing systems.

Investigating the user patterns of BEV customers, I explored various visualizations and end-user customizable elements for the depot dashboard; specifically how reporting is displayed, alerts and notifications for maintenance, as well as tool-tip and menu optimization to help fleet managers and drivers maximize fleet efficiency.

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