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Inde Motorsports

Inde Motorsports Ranch is a private motorsports club located an hour east of Tucson, Arizona offering something for every motorsport enthusiast: professional, semi-pro, or novice driver. Working closely with Inde, I developed a fresh online presence that both streamlined usability and enhanced the Inde Motorsports brand.

I started from the ground up, and began with refinement of the Inde brand along with the rules pertaining to its general use and application across various media. One of our objectives was to energize Inde Motorsports marketing efforts through strategic branding, advertising, online search-ability / usability, and ultimately deliver an exciting online presence.

The Inde Motorsports website is powered by a robust content management system, customized to handle event schedules, PDF downloads, multimedia galleries, and Facebook functionality. Ultimately, this website has been transformed into a very unique and intuitive experience that better serves its users, bringing a higher rate of customer satisfaction.


* UX/UI process - sitemap, wire-frames, final design

* SEO optimization

* CMS customization

* MySQL database integration

* Content editorial

* HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript

* Branding

* Graphic design

* Print design


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