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Pearson Education [ Reading Street ]

This was probably one of my most enjoyable projects to lead, as I spear-headed the Reading Street digital learning program from years prior and watched it grow since then. Knowing that Reading is not always easy for young learners, bringing digital content onto the mobile device was an interesting idea, but only if the student is compelled to use the application.

As part of the Pearson digital learning course structure, mobile apps became the primary focus for our UX department. The Reading Street app was designed with flexibility in mind and aided student test preparation. Firstly, it accommodated all template content from the Reading Street program, all while being able to provide relevant feedback to the user. Second, it was filled with a lot of fantastic finishing touches that were sure to make students smile--including a very enthusiastic gopher that would pop-up and cheer for you after answering correctly, as well as surprise reward games at the end of completed lessons.

Below is a preview of one of the versions released with selected Pearson digital learning programs (for iPod, iPhone, and later released for iPad), and is a result of careful user-flow planning (user-flow preview also featured).


* UX/UI process - user-flow, wire-frames, final design

* Graphic design

* OS compatibility (iPod, iPhone, iPad)

* Animation

* Sound design


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