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Pearson Education [ US History ]

'm sure you remember your history class back when you were a kid. Right? I'm sure you remember how boring it was as well. Knowing that History is not always everyone's passion, bringing digital content onto the mobile device is an interesting idea but only if the student is compelled to use said application.

As part of the Pearson digital learning course structure, mobile apps became the primary focus for our UX department. I really did not want to see history repeat itself and make yet another unusable application. The US History app was designed with flexibility in mind and aided student test preparation. Firstly, it accommodated any and all template content from the US History program, all while being able to provide relevant feedback to the user.

Below is a preview of one of the versions released with selected Pearson digital learning programs (for iPod, iPhone, and later released for iPad), and is a result of careful user-flow planning (user-flow preview also featured).


* UX/UI process - user-flow, wire-frames, final design

* Graphic design

* OS compatibility (iPod, iPhone, iPad)


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