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Pearson Portal

Let's face it, teaching is a tough job. It only took one user research lab to understand how complicated teachers have it these days with nearly everything they do migrated to a computer. This is why Pearson Portal was needed, and my objective was to ensure that teachers did not have to waste time by hunting for material or student grade records.

Pearson Portal was a simplified approach to PSN, making it easier to retrieve information about the classroom, government learning standards, course printable materials. It was an easy resource for accessing digital content while in the classroom (i.e., for overhead projection, and interactive demonstrations on whiteboard).

This portal was designed with flexibility in mind, specifically from a development perspective as it was intended to integrate into the existing Pearson Learning Management System (LMS).


* Case studies

* UX/UI process - user-flow, wire-frames, final design

* Graphic design

* Web application

* Whiteboard


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