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ToddSpeed Racing

Professional racer and entrepreneur Todd Lamb came to me looking for a fresh new website rich with media and a contemporary flare. Throughout the site users will easily find news releases / event archives, and is dynamically connected with YouTube and Flickr. Twitter posts are automatically retrieved and displayed on the home page as well as relevant interior columns.

As a heavy user of social networking technologies, I included a link to Facebook ensuring that the number of Todd’s connections will continue to grow. The image gallery is automatically refreshed with current content in Todd’s Flikr account and is displayed through a series of light boxes and can even be referenced as a part of his *news* content.

Sponsors, prospects, and colleagues can contact him easily through a spam-safe web form, while keeping his contact information safe and secured. The site is powered by a Content Management System (CMS) easily updated by Todd. Logo designs and business cards completed the personal racing brand experience.


* UX/UI process - sitemap, wire-frames, final design

* SEO optimization

* CMS customization

* MySQL database integration

* Content editorial

* HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript

* Logo and brand design

* Graphic design

* Print design


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