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TRG Social Media

As someone who regularly uses social media to gain promotional traction, I have successfully built a large media following using my personal brand. This has long been recognized in the motorsports industry, with many claiming me to be a "Facebook expert". Because of my strong social media presence I was discovered by the professional racing team known as The Racers Group (TRG). Because I am able to build successful conversations with my audience, they asked if I could do the same for them. In the duration of my contract with TRG and Adobe Road Winery, I generated high awareness for TRG, Adobe Road Winery, and TRG Parts via use of social mediums (FaceBook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and websites). These content efforts allowed me to further develop strategic efforts that would ultimately increase awareness of the brand, the success of the company and it's revenue.

The TRG brand is closely paired with Adobe Road Winery. Because they operate under the same ownership, they are often presented together at events, tastings, and shows. Working with the TRG staff, I helped them create new media opportunities using social and traditional media to provide new branding and exposure. This role required me to wear many hats (or helmets if you prefer). I interacted with corporate partners and drivers to provide marketing enhancements (photos, videos, marketing presentations/data) which then allowed them to assist TRG's marketing efforts. Last but certainly not least, I developed and maintained constant/weekly relationships with media, and assisted sales / business development staff with creating material to enhance revenue opportunities. After all, the point of a business investing in social media is to generate some ROI.

My work with TRG/Adobe Road was often paired with live event postings, customer interaction, and high-end event photography (a picture is worth a thousand likes). User counts steadily grew, with an increase of over 300% activity, with an active user reach of over 1-million people.


* Social media management

* Communication strategy

* Copy writing

* Graphic design

* Media and vendor relations


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